Premium eLiquid Pura Juice available in Ireland

The new line of Premium eLiquids Pura Juice from Poland.

Eliquids created by Vapers for Vapers finally in Ireland

Someone finally decided to take matters into their own hands and do something once and for all.
They gathered a few, devised a plan, look for the internet for suppliers of components … and we have a brand new

Premium Eliquids PURA JUICE.

We came upon them completely by chance, by reading novelty on the biggest Polish Forum of Electronic Cigarette, the topic has about 100 reviews and 95 of them were positive – believe? Something must be wrong, in this day and age someone set about quality and not on the number of. This gave us to think … maybe we can import Premium Pura eliquids to Ireland and share of our market ?
Eliquid Pura Juice, it`s a thik, which enought for longer vaping, does not disappear from Clearomizer like cheap Chinese eliquids.

Premium Juice Pura eliquid flavors – it will be probably my favorite moment!

Any standard flavors like mint, tobacco, strawberry …
They thought that maybe somebody is finally  (or all) slowly bored and time of a few ingredients mix together in one bottle.In result of this we have 10 different flavors and really is a lot to choose their!

Tobacco flavors eLiquids:

  • Pirate Pipe – Tobacco / nuts / caramel
  • Smoked Rapple – tobacco / apple

Dessert eLiquids:

  • Cookie Craze – banana / honey / cinnamon
  • Imperial Delight – apple cake / vanilla ice cream

Fruit eLiquids:

  • Dragon Lair – pitaya / strawberry / vanilla clingstone
  • Forest – strawberry / blueberry / peach Tropical
  • Jackpot – jackfruit / lychee / grenade
  • Asian Temptation – pear / coconut

eLiquids Mint:

  • Frost Bite – Peppermint / menthol
  • Chilled baccy – tobacco / mint

The company is relatively  young, so far eliquids only available flavors in 10ml bottles Р(what will be in 2016 a standard, when the new law on electronic cigarettes).But what is most important, after a short telephone conversation, the producer of Pura eJuices decide that with our order they give us a 100pc of 2ml samples, to allow customers to try without buying the whole 10ml bottle. You need to be sure what you doing if you make such a move !! We have a hope that the courier company would develop in time and from Monday Premium Eliquids Pura Juice will be available for our customers.

We will be very grateful for any opinions and reviews, please be put there in this topic.


Efag Team

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